Word Hunter

Get it now on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

What is Word Hunter : Word Hunter is a skill based puzzle game. It’s a mix up between Boggle and Bejeweled. You form words by linking the letters on the board, they disappear and new words come falling from the top!

Why Word Hunter : I am a fan of word games such as Ruzzle (Boggle), Angry Words (Scrabble) and I wanted to do a mix up between this kind of game and Tetris, the game evolved and the Tetris gameplay was replaced by something more similar to a bejeweled game (such as Candy Crush Saga).

Why you should play it : 

  • It’s Free*  (with some ads ^^ but they don’t show up during the play session, only during the menus).
  • Skill based : I have tried to make it as a purely skill based game. Having an extensive vocabulary will be useful but you will also need to be fast and think on your feet! There are of course some luck involved in the letters generation (no two boards are the same!) but it should remain minimal.
  • No IAP : No way to cheat your way to the top. As I said, it’s skill based.
  • Variety : All kinds of specials letters will make their appearance during the game and spice up your play sessions
  • Depth : While the game is quite simple to pick up there is quite some depth to it. You can try to strategically alter the board to put the letters in a situation that suits you best and there are many ways to use the special letters (even the ones that are supposed to make things difficult for you) to help you.

If you enjoy word games, you should love it! :)

Tutorial Screen

Tutorial Screen

When will it be available :

  • Android : It’s already available :)
  • IOS : it’s available under a different name :

If you like Word Hunter, you can follow me on twitter () and/or the game on IndieDB for updates Word Hunter


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