Cube Overlord Press Kit

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Android app on Google Play

Game Info

  • Name: Cube Overlord
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Android
  • Genre: Casual, Vertical Scroller

Game Description

Cube Overlord is a casual android game with very simple yet entertaining gameplay.

Set in a very light tone with its cute and warm graphics, its simplicity makes it quite easy to pick up. You navigate through the sky, avoiding blue and red cubes by simply tilting your phone left and right (Joystick controls are also available for those who prefer).

The goal, pick up cubes of your colors while avoiding those of the opposite color.

The twist, you can change color anytime by tapping the screen.

This game borrows its inspirations from Ikaruga, the iconic shoot em up where your ship has two polarity (white and black) and fight off hordes of enemies of each color. And could be – a little pretentiously – summed up as “Ikaruga without the shooting” J

There are 10 levels available in story mode, at the end of each level, you will face one of the Overlord, a gigantic monster constantly throwing cubes at you, they can be defeated by collecting enough cubes (do you see the pattern yet ? J), your progress is indicated by a bar at the bottom of the screen .

The movement speed increases at each level and new game mechanics are introduced as you progress:

  • Forced polarity zones, where you can’t switch color and are reduced to dodging cubes until the end of the zone.
  • All kinds of Power Ups, magnet (repulse cube of opposite color, attract those of your color), lightning (zap all cubes on screen) and many others.

You can gain extra points by chaining blocks of the same colors, which will be required for advanced players if they wish to get 3 stars in all levels

All those mechanics are combined in Arcade mode where you are thrown into an endless vertical scroller with constantly increasing speed and difficulty. Try to get the highest score and compare your achievements with your friends or online with ScoreLoop (and soon with Google Play Games).

Another game mode : Time Trial was recently introduced, you have 60 seconds to go as far as possible and you can increase your speed by picking up cubes of your color. This game mode is much harder as the speed tends to increase quite fast, it’s a nice challenge for those who have completed the story mode.







About the creator

This game is the result of a one man team and is the first game that has been published under the pseudo “UpAndCrawling”

What’s next?

New game modes are already in the pipe, and more levels will be regularly added  to increase the game longevity.


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