Cube Overlord

Android app on Google Play

Android version now available !

Cube Overlord is a vertical scroller loosely inspired from Ikaruga, or “Ikaruga, without the shooting” as I call it. It’s cute and light graphics make this game quite adapted to children but it also provides real challenges for anyone looking to finish the game and collect all 30 stars.

You collect cubes of your color to collect points, and avoid cubes of the opposite color. The twist, you can change color at anytime by simply tapping on the screen.

Use power Ups to help you progress through the game, go through special polarity zones where you will not be able to switch color and fight special boss with unique moves!

Very simple and straightforward controls, you move your character by tilting your phone left and right, or use touch controls if you prefer!

Normal Gameplay

A classic level


Fight and Beat bosses!

Monster dying

Monster dying


Collect PowerUps!

Magnet Effect On

Magnet Effect On

Slow Bonus

Slow Bonus

Lightning Bonus

Lightning Bonus

Two games modes : Stage and Arcade with plenty of challenges to keep you busy!

All of this for free :)

And what’s next ?

New games modes are planned, Time Trial and Survival. New levels with new game mechanics to keep you entertained !

Also planned, IOS release !


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