New puzzle game! Gem Hunter

I’ve just finished the development of a small game I wanted to do in my spare time, much simpler than my previous game but it’s still quite fun to play.


The game is obviously available for free on the google play store here: Gem Hunter

The game is quite simple, you try to line up rows/columns of the same color to make them dissapear and earn points, to do so, you can change a gem color by tapping on it, but when you do, a new gem appear on the board. Get as much points as you can before the board is full :)

As always, any feedback is welcome, I haven’t tested on all device yet :)


Word Hunter trailer !

I’ve created a trailer for Word Hunter !

It’s my first video recording/editing experience and it was quite interesting.

I recorded it using quick time and did all the video editing using iMovie. Both tools are available by default on all Mac Os installs (AFAIK)

  • Quick Time is fine for recording: the video quality is decent but not great and there is no option to hide the mouse during recording (but there is the option to show mouse clicks)
  • iMove is quite easy to pick up and quite frankly suits most of my needs as a beginner. It’s got a nice library of default effects which are quite nice. Really easy to add titles, transitions, effects and musics. Only downside is that you are limited to the transitions/titles available and can’t create your own. But this might be due to me being a total noob :)

Here it is :

The music is by Kevin McLeod at

I still have a lot to learn about video editing so I am willing to listen to all feedback :)

30 Second review of Cube Overlord on YouTube

Some time ago I contacted a YouTube reviewer for Cube Overlord and there is now a 30 seconds review available :)

While it’s quite short and doesn’t go into much detail about the different game modes, powerups … It presents the basis for this game quite clearly.

Since I haven’t managed to do any video/trailer for my game, it’s a good start if you wanna check it out!

Cube Overlord’s IndieDB / SlideDB Profile created!

I have now created a IndieDB/SlideDB profile for my game!

Slide DB

If you have never heard of it, it is an independent games site. with news, insight and media direct from the developers. SlideDB is IndieDB’s mobile counter part to try to solve the current discovery problem on the mobiles stores.

I will keep it updated with regular news about my game, while focusing on my developer experience in this blog. Of course major announcements will be available on both :)

If you are a user (or want to become one) you can now see the game profile here :
Cube Overlord