First Update to Cube Overlord

This is the first time since the game has been released that I have had enough time to work on it.

Listening to some feedback by players, I implemented the following:

  1. Dying animation: you no longer go straight to the game over screen when you die, the game slow down and your cube fall off the bottom of the screen, only then the GameOver screen shows up. That was much easier that I thought it would be to implement, but it still took quite some time.
  2. Replaced the confusing multi colored cube animation that lets you grow by a a “heart” PowerUp, hopefully it is now obvious that it is a positive thing to pick up :)
  3. Added two new Awards (and ingame “awards unlocked” animation)
  4. Slightly increased the speed of the first levels.
  5. Better UI for android tablets

Otherwise I am working on a Time Trial mode. Hopefully available soon.

You can get the new version here!

Android app on Google Play


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