Let me introduce you : Cube Overlord

  • Code Name: Cube Overlord
  • Type: Vertical Scroller
  • Platform: Android(/IOS afterwards)
  • Status: Polishing (Hope I can publish it soonish)

This is my current baby, first game to be published (see my posts about my game dev experience here : part1, part2). It is loosely inspired by Ikaruga.

The principle is quite simple, you are a cute little cube and you go through the game stages trying to collect as many cubes of your color as possible. You can change your color by simply taping on your screen. If you get hit by a block of the opposite color, the first time, you shrink, the second time, you loose :)

Classic Level

Classic Level

You get bonus points (and a score multiplier!) if you manage to collect enough cubes of the same color consecutively !

At the end of the level, you will meet the boss who will throw cubes at you, if you manage to collect enough cubes of your color (filling up the bar at the bottom of the screen), you win! :)

Monster dying

Monster dying

Power Up

You can pick various power ups throughout the game to help you! From the classical shield that will protect you to the magnet that will attract cubes of your color while repelling cubes of the opposite color.

Lightning Bonus

Lightning Bonus

Magnet Effect

Magnet Effect

Slow Effect On

Slow Effect


You will meet some challenges during your journey, such as some special zones throughout the game where the polarity effect is cancelled, you are forced into one color and are no longer able to change it until you leave the zone.

Red Zone

Red Zone

Three games modes : Stage, Arcade and Survival and hopefully plenty of challenges to keep you busy.

As always, you can follow me on twitter for updates: 


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