List of nice webcomics

Here’s to leisure time !


  • UserFriendlyUpdated daily: A classic, geeky/nerdy jokes by Illiad, the graphics are “poor” but they are not the point of the comic, content is king !
  • Apple GeeksUpdated randomly: Two apple fans, hawk and ananth, great graphics, about apple (duh) stuff :D
  • DieselsSweetiesUpdated daily: Music elitist, nerd, punch-lines, geek, porn actress, robots.. got it all.
  • xkcdUpdated 3 times a week: Pure geek, all content, no graphic, the linux of webcomics .


  • Penny ArcadeUpdated almost daily: Tycho and Gabe on gaming, they got so big they set up their own gaming festival and online tv show.
  • PvPOnlineUpdated daily: a comic on the daily life of a gaming magazine by Scott Kurtz.
  • Ctr Alt DelUpdated almost daily: Tag team of gamers, crazy boy meets normal boy, ctr alt del ensue.
  • Nuklear PowerUpdated if you are lucky: 4 comics in one, I recommend 8-Bit theater, final fantasy parody, hilarious !
  • Looking For GroupUpdated about twice a week: WoW comic.
  • Three panel soulUpdated once in a blue moon: Some gaming but also random stuff.


  • Least I Could DoUpdated daily: Seriously politically incorrect, but so damn funny.
  • DilbertUpdated daily: Are you working in a cubicle, with a retarded boss in the worst company on earth ? This comic is for you.
  • QuestionableContentUpdated almost daily: I’ve read all of it and I still have no idea what this is all about, but it’s fun :)
  • MalikiUpdated every tuesday: French webcomic mostly about cats ^^.

Because your doctor recommend a daily dose of webcomic for your mental health !


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